Strings Motor – The Answer to Green Energy and Low Electricity Bills

It would be great if people did not have to pay exorbitant bills towards electricity every month. Power bills are going up every now and then. Strings Motor is a concept that is really welcome in this kind of a scenario. For many people, generating power in their homes would translate to heavy investment in terms of installation of solar panels which would easily cost thousands of dollars, initially. Maintenance costs would also follow. Not many people are aware that they can now generate their own power in their houses without such solar panels and such a costly investment. You can build your own little power generator with Strings Motor.

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Strings Motor is a Power Generator

It is a generator of a small size which is exclusively designed for domestic use. It has been based on blueprints that have been created by Nikolai Tesla, the famous inventor. His inventions could be traced in almost every other electrical gadget that is being used today. Technological advancement has made it affordable and easier to build a device like this which is your own power generator that sustains itself and you can develop it from scratch. You do not require any special education or heavy tools to build it. All you need are some essential electrical components and Strings Motor will be ready in a few hours.

It will create green energy that is sufficient to give power to your domestic electrical appliances every day. The electronic components required to make it are easily available in any local electronics store such as Radio Shack. The cost of the components would be around hundred dollars.

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The Clean Energy Concept of Strings Motor

People are frustrated with heavy energy bills, electric utilities and their corresponding regulators. They are tempted to look for ways of reducing their energy bills while still being able to use devices like great gadget as a valuable entity to power their lives and their homes. It is because of this frustration that they have started seeking alternative and green energy sources.

Freddie Keller has been able to create this gadget that produces electricity. It is modeled after Bilifar Pancake Coil of Nikolai Tesla and it is also popularly known as the Strings Generator. It is identical to the Power Innovator program that was discredited in the industry some time ago.

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What is this device known as Strings Motor?

The device consists of a spool of fishing wire. It has short beads of strings that are ferromagnetic, in the same style as found in dog tags. They are attached at intervals of one inch along a string. Magnets are placed in a strong group on the floor and a string is fed into these magnets that stand above it.

It is interesting to note that a motor is used to twist the strings in order to induce movement. The magnets on the strings induce an electronic field across the coils with the help of a running motor. These coils are distributed parallel to the position of the string so that they could generate wave patterns. This concept is a promising one and it has much to do with resonance. It is a known fact that all the things vibrate to particular resonant frequencies. The earth also does that. This specific resonance acts as an amplifier based on the wavelength and the amplitude. In the case of Strings Motor, it creates a vibration in the strings and this forms wave patterns in the frequency of that particular vibration that is selected. The action of the magnetic strings will help in generating the electronic field which will be a great source for energy. There is a possibility that this concept may not be compatible with applications of extremely high power. But, this magical device is good enough for your domestic electrical appliances.

Strings Motor has been successfully used by several users and it is a much better idea in comparison with solar panels or the use of wind because you can control when the energy is produced. It is not required that the sun be out in its full strength or the tides to move powerfully or the wind to blow forcefully. You can control and even create the fuel. It is nothing but clean energy and production of power.

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Benefits offered by Strings Motor

  • Strings Motor is not dependent on the forces of nature. It is wholly a man made fuel. You can select how much of it you would like to create.
  • It is a clean and green source of energy and it can be reused after it is made.
  • Strings Motor does not challenge the thermodynamic laws.
  • This concept could also be easily applied to moving vehicles on land, water or air. The length of the strings will directly transmit to the distance a vehicle using such motor will be able to travel on a single spool. For example, if you fit a fifty-mile spool of strings in your car, it could travel fifty miles before the reel of strings or the fuel will run out.
  • Strings Motor could be used in larger energy generating power plants. The laws of physics will work and power plants could use these giant spools of strings that stretch out to miles and miles with powerful electromagnets that can generate a constant source of clean energy for towns. It works on identical principles that scientists have been experimenting with by using magnetic particles at subatomic levels. This principle could also be incorporated into a kind of an hourglass design without using the strings and it would allow for the motion of falling beads that could be both magnetic and non-magnetic to generate electricity.


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Strings Motor – The Revolutionary Generator of Free Electricity

Strings Motor would not cost you more than one hundred dollars to make. It will be able to power your home for a long period of time. It is easy to create and it will generate free electricity every day in your lives. It would help in slashing your electricity bills by over 50% as it will provide power free of charge to most of the domestic home appliances. The instructions on the blueprints are easy to follow and you do not have to be a specialized electrician to build this small generator. It would help you if you made short notes to help yourself as you go along.

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Strings Motor is a marvel and why you should start using it in your home

The Strings Motor is a gadget that has generated much controversy despite being an offshoot of Nikolas Tesla’s designs. Tesla is, undoubtedly, a pioneer in the world of alternative energy sources. These sources are being depended upon by many people today when it comes to giving power to their home appliances. Inventions of Tesla have sprung about from the very fact that many large companies dealing in the manufacture of electrical appliances and energy systems have enslaved people and have taken away their advantage by forcing their monopoly of power in the energy market. Tesla had always been dissatisfied with the way people have been denied their independence from the elite manufacturing circles and from the freedom to receive information. Frustration among people led him to design a device which could generate free electricity in your home. He has allowed people to think about living in a world without exorbitant energy bills arriving every month. This is his idea of providing cheaper electricity without the dependence on generators which produce dangerous emission through fumes and spread radiation in the environment. Tesla called Strings Motor a marvel of a concept.

Tesla used the principle of the resonance of the ionosphere of the earth in his concept for domestic power generation. It helped in amplifying smaller currents relatively into bigger ones by using earth as an amplifier and also a conductor to receive energy for your utilization. The earth actually resonates at a very low level. It is around 8Hz. At such levels, it would require a gigantic wavelength and it would take thousands of years to get a wave that is so low to generate energy amount that can be used. Yet, the sheer scale of earth is sufficient enough to cut down this time table to just seconds and produce millions of volts from just a kilovolt to make it practical and it has been successfully done with Strings Motor.

The Tesla Coil works on the theory that when you apply high voltage supply of power and it charges a capacitor or an electric storing device, the capacitor can reach a sufficiently high voltage to fire the spark gap. It can also turn off when the voltage is reduced. When the spark gap is fired, the energy is stored in the capacitor dumps in the shape of a 1:100 step-up kind of transformer. This spark gap works very much in the form of a switch. It goes on when the voltage is made higher and it will turn off when the voltage is reduced. All this happens at a rate that is around one hundred and twenty times in a second and it can generate multiple discharges in various directions.

Keller has employed this theory and has attempted to make it look like as though he is harvesting the electricity from air. He is using the radiant energy around us. Corporate energy companies have always been on the lookout to crash and demean such inventions like Strings Motor and run them down and they have been successful to a large extent in breaking the will of Nikolai Tesla. However, his technology has managed to find a place in the markets and thousands have used this device and appreciated the benefits that Strings Motor has provided to their homes. It is, hence, worth every cent that you spend on building it. Go for this great invention and the technology it offers to give you that much needed freedom from high energy bills.

His concept of wireless energy was once derided as a bogus one but those days are gone and his technology on radiant energy is now being used all over the world. Tesla is also well known for illuminating scores of several light bulbs from a power source that was many hundred miles away. This world is full of problems for which we have to continuously look for solutions to solve. There are very few concepts that trigger both skepticism and also hope as in the case of the idea of getting energy for free. Nothing could be as important as Strings Motor when we are on the brink of looking at an ecological disaster.

Nikolai Tesla has taught us with things on how our political and economic systems have created fake realities. Human ingenuity has been partially shut down and controlled by a set of powerful governments and corporate with financial interests at stake. However, people like Keller have taken on the legacy of Tesla and brought his theories to fruition by making devices like Strings Motor and giving people freedom from dependency on fossil fuels and costly electricity bills.

Many inventors of products like Strings Motor are not aware and they have not realized it but almost every kind of government has always opposed the involvement of public in holding free energy source devices although these governments would be very happy to use such sources, themselves. Their main aim is to dominate and then control common folk so that they can control the supply and ultimately the cost of power to their benefit. This is a factor to consider. The governments are also controlling money and taking away a majority of the hard earned income of common people through concealed methods and indirect taxes and power utility bills. The reason why devices like this do not see much light of the day is because their sale in local shops is controlled politically with vested financial interests. It has nothing to do with hard to get technology. It is, therefore, easier to build devices like Strings Motor than to expect buying them from the store shelves. Down the ages, all technological issues have literally been solved hundreds of times but their benefits have always been suppressed by people in power.

There is plenty of buzz nowadays on experiments done by Nikolai Tesla concerning the use of radiant energy that helps in providing free and sustainable power source. This genius from Serbia has built many working devices that have also been recognized by the United States’ Patent Office. His methods of using radiant energy have been very important in terms of benefiting common public as is reflected in Strings Motor.

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Why this great device is important as an alternative energy source?

To begin with, the most important reason for using Strings Motor is the cutting down of energy cost every month. Then, there are other important reasons such as the clean and green energy. We are in constant danger of destroying the climate of this planet by means of excess carbon dioxide emissions. If we persist on using fossil fuels, we are bound to increase the level of the temperature of earth in ways that are going to harm us tremendously along with our ecosystem. More importantly, we cannot continue to deplete the fossil fuels on a permanent basis. They are bound to get exhausted with the growth in population that has brought the world scene to 7.4 billion.

It is imperative that we find other types of energy sources like those which do not let out carbon dioxide when they are being used. Over the past couple of centuries, man has done his best to damage the environment through excessive use of fossil fuels. Acid rain has been caused and that has affected the fauna of this world, the trees and all the water systems. Ozone layers have been depleted. Cities have reached dangerous pollution levels in the atmosphere and on certain days in some parts of the world, people have to wear masks as they are contracting respiratory illnesses. Incident of such illnesses are rising by the day, with a strong correlation to the pollution in the atmosphere.

We have to start thinking about how we can replace these fuels as people are using them up rapidly and these resources cannot be replaced in anyway. Trees are continuously being harvested at such a rapid rate that they are leaving topic soul unearthed and uncovered which is resulting in run off. Fuels like oil and coal are going to exhaust and there is a doubt whether future generations would be able to use them in high quantities. Time is no longer on our side. The protective layer in our atmosphere which has always shielded the plants from excess heat is being affected and the ozone layers face a serious threat of pollution. The carbon emissions have resulted in a hole which is increasing by the day in the ozone layers. Global warming has become a serious threat.

Alternative sources of energy are the only way out, currently. We have to think outside the box and reduce our dependence on hydro power and fossil fuels through products. These fuels are given by petroleum, coal and natural gas. They have been created by natural processes from vegetation over thousands of years. The accumulated resources of these fuels have become limited and at the rate they are being utilized today, we are going to run out of all these resources in the not so distant future.

Hydro power is being generated from the flowing water and it is formed as part of a natural water cycle through evaporation from seas and other bodies of water. Precipitation in the form of rainfall helps as it flows back into the water bodies. Though it is a renewable energy source, the entire capacity for generating hydro power is rather limited. It is, therefore, not possible to increase the generation rate of hydro power and meet the increased demand for energy in the future. If we want to continue sustaining our life style which is wholly dependent on these energy sources, we have to look for alternative energy sources and supplement the conventional methods with this type of a source that cannot be depleted easily.

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Why do you need to try out the Strings Motor?

With electricity prices now skyrocketing and peak oil times being round the corner, it is a matter of time when people would be forced to look at alternative sources to getting energy for their homes. Going solar is an expensive proposition along with its maintenance costs. There could be clouds, breakdown and bird droppings that are the downsides to solar panel installations. The Strings Motor, as an alternative, is a strong idea as it is wholly adaptable and will entirely change the way you would look at energy sources. It will cost you not more than one hundred dollars to build and it is easy to find the building material and the spare parts at your local electronics store. You may even have some of the parts lying around in your garage.

It is totally weather proof. It will make no difference to you even if it is very hot outside or if it is raining hard. You can also use it during the night times and you do not have to require costly batteries to store excess electricity at home. It is easy to set up. It is definitely worth the effort and the cost to start getting free electricity in your home for good. More than a hundred thousand satisfied users have proven that it was really simple building it. The instructions on the blueprints are clear enough. You only need to follow the list sheet of materials, systematically. This eBook on Strings Motor will explain about its installation. So, go ahead and design it to get freedom from costly energy bills and pave a way for green energy.

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